A picture tells a thousand wordsBrand Photography

There’s a saying; ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ – and let’s face it, anything to stop the waffle is good by us. The Little Big Voice are experts in brand and food photography. We have the skills to launch your bar, restaurant, or hotel as part of our integrated marketing approach; whilst also taking beautiful photographs to advertise your brand. Commercial photography is in our blood. We have talented in-house photographers available at our beck and call. Our in-house team are experts in food and brand photography.

You see, we can showcase your product in the biggest, brightest, loudest and best of all – unique way. To start with, we have a recognised in-house commercial photography and design team with a track record of doing just that. These aren’t just people who are a ‘bit good’ at photography on top of their day job. We’re talking about talented specialists in the field of commercial photography. People who, as well as being able to take a stunning photograph, know just the right props, styling, equipment, lighting and location to use. You see, it takes a mix of ingredients to make the perfect dish!

Our team of talented experienced photographers are experts in taking product photographs, particularly across the food, beverage and lifestyle industries. With the right lighting, styling and props we can make your products stand out. We pride ourselves on creating images that look so real and immersive, that your audience will instantly fall in love with your products.

This isn’t the only thing that makes The Little Big Voice different from the rest. We can create bespoke, brand photography and content – all designed in house, to your specifications, and in line with your brand guidelines. We don’t believe in stock imagery. We think that to get your message across, the personal touch is best.

It’s because of the popularity of the campaigns that we’ve shot in the past that you will most likely have seen our past work across billboards, in magazines and (apologies in advance) on advertising material all over the UK, Europe and beyond (yes you guessed it … Scarborough). Why not browse our portfolio? We’ve loads of fantastic examples of food, product and brand photography that we love to shout about. Our team of commercial photographers have the experience and proven track record to create the kind of images your customers will resonate with.

But forget that, what we do will be all about you. This is where the magic happens. Your product’s life through a lens. This is the start of bringing your dreams to life… Let’s talk!