Design – Tesco

Faced with the challenge of helping customers make the best use of the potatoes; Tesco approached us once again.


Faced with the challenge of helping customers make the best use of the potatoes they buy and always keen to promote healthy eating, Tesco approached us once again. The idea was to create a useful document specifically about potatoes which would be a follow on from the massively successful “All you want to know about… Fruit” – one of our previous PR campaigns with the major supermarket.

The hope was that something could be developed which would appeal to all ages and tastes, demonstrating the variety of delicious things that can be done with potatoes in a fun and exciting way. It also needed to help people discover more about the best types, depending on the time of year and what meals they would be used for.



We set about creating a book called “We Love Potatoes” which was vibrant, colourful and easy to digest. One which would be useful and appealing to adults and children alike, while also offering an excellent aid to cooking and promoting the importance of eating healthily.

“We Love Potatoes” is a book which looks at all of the varieties of spuds and how they can be used. It also gives an idea of when the different potato seasons are, as well as interesting farmer profiles on the Tesco suppliers and some exclusive recipes by Mark Sargeant.



“We Love Potatoes” received praise throughout the industry for its educational value and provided an excellent follow up to “All you want to know about… Fruit” – both big successes in their field.

Over 100,000 copies were published and distributed to Tesco shoppers nationwide – making it one of the industry’s biggest publications. The response to the information and useful recipes was so strong that much of it continues to appear throughout the national media. What was created became an essential go to for both consumers and the media alike.