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The Little Big Voice is your local marketing and branding agency, wherever local may be.

When we say local, we mean local. As an agency on the smaller side, we can give you the personal touch, but with a big-business attitude. Between our team, we’ve countless years of experience in creative advertising and designing innovative campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Headquartered in Preston, Lancashire; we cover the whole of the North of England, up into Scotland, and down to the Midlands; with a ‘think local’ approach. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to develop in-depth insights into your market through immersive market research, enabling you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Are you looking for a creative agency near to you? Or forbranding and marketing consultancy to learn how you can take your brand from a small idea, to a big player in your industry? The Little Big Voice are proud to be that agency that offers it all,, with a range of specialist services available to you at an affordable price. As a marketing and branding agency we are able to guide you through the launch of your brand, with data-driven insights, to deliver a strong return on investment.

When you’re looking for an advertising, creative or branding agency near you, it’s important to understand the work they’ve done before, and how this can be translated into a real tangible benefit for you, and your brand. Check out our portfolio of work to find out more about how we can support your business. Here at The Little Big Voice, we’re a creative agency with a difference. We offer a fully integrated marketing approach, tailored to your business. Our services include;

  • Design,
  • Experiential Events,
  • PR,
  • Social Media,
  • Digital,
  • Photography

At The Little Big Voice, we are experts in the lifestyle and hospitality industry. Why not get in touch with our expert team to learn more about the services we can offer, and how we can help your business make an impact?

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