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    We are an integrated marketing agency that specialises in food, drink and lifestyle. There, we’ve said it. You know straight away what it is that we do. No flannel. No blathering and definitely no soft-sell. But then that’s us. We’re not your usual agency, and this permeates from the inside out. Our teams have experience and knowledge that is founded on working within food, drink and lifestyle sectors. This means, when we’re given a project, we bring to the table an understanding of all aspects of the industry and therefore deliver campaigns that build awareness, drive demand and make the tills ring – giving you a tangible return for your investment.

About us


  • All great companies have something that’s unique, that sets them apart - a secret ingredient if you will. At The Little Big Voice, it’s our people. We have a unique group of individuals who have worked within food, drink and lifestyle retailers, brands and specialist marketing agencies. This ‘insider’ knowledge gives us the edge when creating impactful integrated campaigns for brands. It allows us to deliver advice based on insight and knowledge of what actually works. Then we bring these strategic observations to life and turn them into truly innovative ideas that deliver against defined objectives. ‘What!’ you say. ‘A creative agency that understands its clients’ successes are its successes. Show me more.’ Well, you have a look at some of our case studies and you’ll see how we give our clients a real return on their investment. While our raison d'être may be in creating influential campaigns for food, drink and lifestyle brands, we like to think we not only do it with a smile but, importantly, we have the people and the processes in place to make the whole experience flow and, dare we say it, be a pleasure for our clients.

What we do


  • The modern consumer is fickle and they use multiple channels, often at the same time.This means that, while they’re out shopping, they could also be on their mobile. When they’re at home watching TV, they’ve got a tablet open next to them and, when they’re flicking through magazines, they could be Tweeting what they’ve read. Phew. What this means is that the smart marketer can no longer define the channel they want to use; rather they have to embrace a multi-channel attitude that allows them to be in the right place at the right time, be it a mobile, website or a TV ad, an experiential event or a piece of direct mail. This is why you need an agency that understands the changing landscape and can develop strategies that embrace multi channels. Making sure that you not only stand out, but that you reach hundreds, and thousands of people. That your message goes as far as it can and that everyone really ‘gets’ what you’re offering.



  • Digital covers a whole spectrum of communication, from mobile to social, websites to interactive experiences to virals. However, throughout it all, there is still one maxim that rings true. There is no point shouting if no one is there. So you need people experienced in making messages brave and relevant. Professionals that know how to start influencing opinions and igniting conversations to draw people in, and then know how to build on these exchanges. Teams who don’t simply run social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter but actually know how to turn this chit-chat into tangible results. People who are just as passionate about eCRM as they are about building websites and creating digital experiences.

Social Media Management


  • You know your business needs it. You know that followers can quickly become customers. But where to start? Is Facebook right? What about Twitter, or even LinkedIn? Then there’s YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare and we haven’t even mentioned your blog - the list seems endless. That’s where Little Big Voice Social comes to the rescue. We get social. We make social ... errr ... social! More than that, we know how to use it so that it benefits business. So how do we do it? Well it’s not exactly the Colonel’s special recipe. Our special blend is made up of creative people, experience, passion and a big dollop of common sense. Using our team of experienced journalists (yes, every one has worked on national publications) we create content that’s powerful, engaging, bespoke and most of all, relevant. It’s then shared through the appropriate channels, reaching the right audiences. But the really great thing is that because you’re buying your unique social media campaign as a package, there are no big bills and no extra costs - so no big frights. So, come on – Let’s Get Social!



  • PR. That’s just taking journalists out to lunch, right? We wish it were that easy. Actually it’s about starting conversations and changing behaviour. Doesn’t sound quite so easy now, does it? This is why you need people who not only really know what they’re doing, but people who really understand what you’re doing. Which is us. Our knowledge of the food, drink and lifestyle sectors, coupled with our multidimensional approach gives us a real advantage. It allows us to deliver relevant campaigns that tap into current consumer trends resulting in quality media coverage for our clients, whether it be trade or consumer facing, or influencing online communities via social media. Then, and only then, do we take a well-earned lunch.

Design & Branding


  • We’re very lucky to have a unique team of sector specialists on hand, and in-house. So when we tackle a branding job, for instance, we have a team that consists of branding experts – not people who ‘can do’ branding as you’ll find in other agencies. More than that, our very talented chaps and chapesses also know food and drink branding inside out. So if you want to look like someone else, or want to look like no one else, they know how to do that. Also, we’ll see your project through to completion, whether that includes design, illustration, photography or copywriting - making the process, simple and enjoyable. And because we believe no one will know a client’s business better than the client, we work with our clients. This allows us to deliver designs that provoke thought and are aligned to the customer's business, be it a retailer like Waitrose or Aldi, a traditional brand or something new and trailblazing.



  • Insights don’t just happen. They don’t fall out of the sky into your lap. You have to go and talk to people and then you have to gather this knowledge before disseminating it into something truly valuable. We organise polls, questionnaires and omnibuses online, allowing us to question over 10,000 independent consumers. This can provide you with real insight into trends, attitudes and habits of a lot of people very quickly. This research can be child-focused or adult-centric and can cover ages from 16-65, and demographics A-E across all UK locations. For more in-depth research, we revert to qualitative research. This takes the form of focus groups and one-to-one interviews that allows us to get to the core of the subject matter to unearth the insight that, handled in the right way, will make all the difference to your business.

Experiential Events


  • In an increasingly saturated world of communications clutter, consumers are demanding more from their brands. This often means brands having to engage with consumers on a more personal and a more individual level. Thankfully, we have the know-how and the experience (see case studies) to show that - whether it’s experiential, press shows, trade shows, in-store events, in fact, anything to get people engaged with and talking about our clients – we know how to do it. We also know how to amplify this chatter about what your brand is up to through PR and social media communities. So that when people leave your event and start conversations online about your brand, we can harness them to your advantage, creating advocates and driving sales.

Case studies

  • Some of our recent and past work to whet
    your appetite

  • We’d love to show you everything that we’ve ever done, but to be honest, they’d be too much of it. So here’s a soupçon to whet your appetite. However, if there is something specific that you’d like to see, why not drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll get right back to you.
    • Hodder (insight)
    • Bare Necessities (Design)
    • Tesco Books – Fruit and Potatoes (Trade Campaign)
    • MMUK Experiential (events)
    • The Groovy Food Company (PR)
    • Soil & Seed (Digital)

  • The Problem

    Tesco, as the UK’s largest supermarket have built their reputation on quality produce competitively priced. They pride themselves on being first to market with new varieties and products and are always looking at ways to grow both sales and interest within any category and so it was with fruit. However, in recent years shoppers have become creatures of habit, and tended to reach for their ‘regulars’, and Tesco were finding it hard to break through this malaise.

  • The Solution

    Five a day? We had a lot more than this. Losing ourselves to a world of fruit, we worked hand-in-hand with the Tesco produce team so that we fully understood all the issues facing this category. Looking at what was on offer, what could be done with it and when it was available, we set about constructing the simplest way to communicate this to customers in a manner that reinforced the concept of ‘Every Little Helps’ and gave it true meaning to shoppers. The solution was a book. All you want to know about… FRUIT. Written to appeal to the whole family, this book was unbranded, affording it a position of impartial authority. It highlighted individual fruits by category, variety, season and use, with exclusive recipes for mum, tasting tips for dad and hints, tips and quirky facts for the kids. Ultimately, ‘teaching without preaching’.

  • The Result

    Apart from being praised within the industry for its approach in educating, it's had a positive impact on both market share growth and increased spend within the fruit category. Tesco are now looking to roll this concept out in other fresh produce sectors is only validation of a job well done. Oh, and the cherry on the cake is that, in October, All you want to know about…FRUIT reached The Times bestseller list in the UK. If you’d like to admire the fruits of our labour, you can either buy a copy online at Amazon or WHSmith or, if you drop us a line and are ever so nice, we could be persuaded to send you a copy.

  • The Problem

    The book industry is a fiercely competitive world. For every successful author, there are hundreds who end up in bargain buckets. And this is the problem. Historically the decisions made by publishing houses had been based on experience, gut-feel and a certain amount of luck. Hodder & Stoughton wanted to apply science to this lottery of publishing success, so that they could better understand who, why and what had the potential to become a bestseller.

  • The Solution

    So that we could give Hodder & Stoughton intelligence that was truly representative of the market, with all its idiosyncrasies, we carried out a number of qualitative research studies that encompassed a number of titles and subjects and involved us interviewing a broad range of readers. These included:
    · Mixed Gender
    · Age (16-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+)
    · Region (London, South East, South West, W. Midlands, E. Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, North West and N. Ireland, East Anglia, Wales, Scotland)
    · Demographic (AB, C1, C2, DE)
    · Working Status (Working, Not working)
    Armed with enough information to sink a very buoyant and particularly unsinkable boat, we highlighted not only current and future trends but crucially gave Hodder & Stoughton a deeper understanding of their customers, indicating both barriers and triggers to purchase.

  • The Result

    Hodder & Stoughton quickly realised that they could go to market with some authority and, within months launched a number of highly successful biographies - success that was guaranteed thanks to the depth and breadth of our research findings.

  • The Problem

    The humble potato is an object of beauty. Chipped, mashed, boiled, baked, diced or sliced, for every palete there’s a variant. However, increasingly supermarkets have been treating it as a commodity, and this has driven down its value and damaged its brand perception. But The Jersey Royal Company decided enough was enough and it was time to fight back…

  • The Solution

    Never ones to just react, we at The Little Big Voice wanted to base our actions on knowledge, so we started by questioning over 500 shoppers with quantitative and qualitative techniques. As expected, this approach unearthed several invaluable insights about how people viewed The Jersey Royal Company:
    • Jersey potatoes were seen as the first new potatoes of the season, signalling the start of British summertime.
    • Customers liked the notion that Jersey Royals were not mass produced – even though they buy them in a supermarket
    • Jersey Royal potatoes were seen as being traditional
    • Jersey Royals offered a great taste yet were still seen as an everyday purchase
    This knowledge then underpinned our strategy to relaunch The Jersey Royal Company in early 2010 – which we did with a nationwide advertising campaign that included TV commercials, bus, train and underground posters – even a book!

  • The Result

    Not ones to brag, but we put The Jersey Royal Company on everyone’s shopping list. The story was picked up by the key nationals, including The Times, Daily Mail and Hello. Over 32m people were exposed to The Jersey Royal Company brand in its short twelve-week season and this led to us being awarded the coveted Re:fresh Marketing Campaign Of The Year 2011 along with a highly commended ‘sash’ at the 2010 Quality Food Awards. But more importantly than the plaudits we received was that The Jersey Royal Company achieved listings throughout the UK’s main retailers.

  • The Problem

    Potatoes have been a staple of the British diet for centuries. But, in a society with an ever increasing dependency on fast food and with greater penetration of other foods such as rice and pasta, the popularity of potatoes and their usage is dropping. Branston is a major British potato supplier which handles over 350,000 tonnes of potatoes every year. They approached us concerned that many young people do not actually know where their food comes from – some even think that fresh items are manufactured in factories. This lack of awareness, combined with little knowledge of the nutritional benefits of fresh potatoes, was a concern. Branston came to us to see what we could do.

  • The Solution

    So we looked at the two issues – a decline in potato popularity and an increasing lack of healthy eating awareness in the young. We’re pretty good at making things add up here at The Little Big Voice so we decided to launch a campaign which combined the two in a new, fresh and fun way. We teamed up with the Tesco Eat Happy project, which is committed to helping children have a better relationship with food and the Billy Branston Bus tour was born! The bus was branded in a colourful and appealing design and was taken to primary schools nationwide with a team dedicated to improving children’s learning. The bus helped kids learn more about potatoes and where they come from, as well as how to prepare the soil and plant potatoes, where they’re grown and how to store them to stay fresh. This, as well as teaching the children the different ways to eat potatoes as part of a healthy balanced diet, was all done through interactive lessons aimed at KS1 & KS2 school children – building awareness from an early age. And coverage of our innovative project went nationwide, just like the bus!

  • The Results

    In only a few months over 4,000 children have been on board our Billy Branston Bus and when looking forward, as we often do, chances are this will mean upwards of 15k will visit in the first year. We won quite a bit of praise for our project too. Both the Tesco Eat Happy Project team and Ofsted were over the moon with the massive interest in healthy eating that the project was creating among primary school children across the country and we were championed as a ‘What Good Looks Like’ project. We’re also pleased to say that we’re now part of the reason why there’s more awareness of fresh potatoes and their health benefits in children from an early age.

  • The Problem

    It’s been widely reported that the consumption of refined white sugar in our diets has got so high that it’s actually ruining our health. The Groovy Food Company makes high quality organic oils and sweeteners, marinades and dressings, but they were concerned that not enough people knew about them. Their products were available in the supermarkets, but were being positioned in the ‘Well Being / Free From’ aisles where less people would see them, as opposed to the more general oil and sugar fixtures. So, while the good stuff was there, it was hard to find, which was doing nothing to improve awareness of how to use healthy food alternatives and the positive healthy eating message which needed to be delivered. The Groovy Food Company came to us for answers and we didn't disappoint.

  • The Solution

    We did a major redesign on the key components and the brand communication, which included a funky and user-friendly new look for their website, collateral and POS. But we don’t like to do things by halves. We also led a consumer campaign fronted by Mark Sargeant and Dean Edwards – which gained coverage in all leading magazines and media outlets. We added this to a fully integrated digital strategy and trade campaign to promote the brand to independent retailers as well as providing support for all major multiples including promotional materials and on pack messaging.

  • The Results

    The results were big! It was really clear that consumers were aware of the hype surrounding the dangers of too much sugar, but they needed a helping hand in learning to use healthy alternatives in their food. Our consumer campaign was snatched up by a wide variety of media, including coverage in all leading magazines and media outlets such as, The One Show, Hello Magazine and the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio Two, which has almost ten million listeners per week! Our combined coverage reached over 63 million people, with editorial value in excess of £673k and we’ve also had 4,856 recipe views since the website relaunch. We’re really pleased to say that The Groovy Food Company is now present in all major retailer home baking and oil fixtures and we feel confident that we’ve helped make a real difference to the health of our nation.

  • The Problem

    We all know that it’s important to get plenty of fruit and vegetables into our diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, as more and more exciting and exotic types become available, the consumption of fruit is a highly competitive area for producers. Jaffa, were having a battle, not only in competing with retailer’s own label products, but also as a wider issue, with the popularity of other fruits such as apples, berries and exotic fruit. Jaffa approached us with these issues and a challenge to show the general public some other great uses for the orange. They also wanted to increase awareness of the fact that their oranges were unique as a Tesco exclusive product.

  • The Solution

    We’re a cheeky and creative bunch here at The Little Big Voice and we like our campaigns to really stand out. So, in adding an element of fun to the mix, the nationwide ‘Show Us Your Jaffa’s’ tour was conceived. We covered 100 Tesco stores nationwide throughout the five months of spring and summer, because we knew that the lovely warmer weather brought the perfect opportunity to enjoy some refreshing orange juice. Armed with a 7ft mobile Jaffa Orange shaped juice bar and a dedicated team, we visited Tesco stores all across the land to offer customers the chance to sample some of our refreshing orange juice. And all they had to do was show us their Jaffa orange purchases! The 7ft Jaffa orange juice bar provided a real stand out brand association, enabling customers to recognise the name, with its key messages, delivered nicely.

  • The Results

    As a result of our ‘Show Us Your Jaffas’ campaign, we saw sales increase by over 250% in stores visited on the week that we were there. And that’s not all. There’s been an ongoing uplift of 25% + weekly since the event took place, with recognition and support from Tesco, building a key brand / retailer relationship. The Jaffa market share also increased, and guess what? We’ll be back the following year too, because the Show Us Your Jaffas Tour was so successful that we’ve been asked for a repeat throughout 2015 /16.

  • The Problem

    We love our healthy, happy lifestyles here at The Little Big Voice and that’s why we were pleased to hear that purchases of exotic fruit and vegetables are on the increase. Thing is, that’s great stuff, but increased demand can mean problems when you look into the supply chain and the methods used, with some suppliers just buying from wherever they can. Wealmoor is a company which prides itself on its ethics and long heritage in tropical fruit, home-grown seasonal vegetables and herbs. Their produce is delivered from approved farms to UK retailers, the food service and wholesale sectors. And because of this, they wanted to create a brand that could tell a story of where their products came from. They needed an identity to make them stand out from the others. And that’s when they came to us.

  • The Solution

    Our creative minds got working and we came up with the ‘Love Me Tender Brand’ – an eye-catching, contemporary design that remains consistent across a number of exotic offerings, be it vegetables, stir fry kits or limited edition exotic fruits. We integrated a social media and digital strategy to further enhance the story behind the brand, while ensuring clear and concise messaging, with a mission statement around the brand which assured consumers of the brand ethics and integrity. We also set about increasing awareness of the brand through consumer and trade PR campaigns which introduced new consumers and stockists to the brand.

  • The Results

    Wealmoor became widely recognised and acknowledged as the first, fully formed, exotic brand offering. Because of this, the company was asked to supply a number of established multiple retailers, with an ongoing task for entry into others. Sales also increased throughout the areas in which it is supplied of up to 45% versus standard retailer’s own lines.

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